Sun music stage


Art is a beauty, but art can also entertain and transform entire space.


  • Music Stages (new or ready-made sets)
  • Art Installations
  • Event scenography

Transform your space with art & architecture by Marta Musial

Inspired by fantasy, cosmic space, tribal and cyberpunk. Marta Musial’s design, build and transform spaces with deepest imagination.


  • Permanent art installations
  • Architectural installations [ ceiling, wall, facade ]
  • Art for interiors
  • Art for outdoor


  • architectural concepts
    [ for leisure, hotels, entertainment, public spaces ]


  • total place makeover
  • art installations

[ backed by knowledge gathered from renown architectural companies around the world (Buro Ole Scheeren, OVO-Grabczewscy, Open Architekci, Groundlab, PWD China) ]

Upgrade your creative project

We support creative projects with our additions of sophisticated design for built environment and temporary structures.

  • for architects
  • for creative directors
  • for marketing directors
  • for CEO’s

For material owners

Do you have any interesting raw materials, broken pieces or products?
Would you like to see what we can do with it? Connect with us and see how we can turn it into art.

  • marble, stones, crystals
  • wood, plywood
  • ceramic tiles
  • lighting


Art Installations
Music Stages

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